palestinians rally round arafat

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    Israel claims Arafat is behind the suicide bombings, yet Israel has him surrounded, cut off, monitoring his every move. Yet somehow Arafat is invoved with these bombings. How does he do it? Israel claims he meets with terrorists. How do they get past the Israeli guards outside Arafat's compound? Why would they allow terrorists to visit Arafat? Arafat has been isolated for 18 months! Yet Israel blames Arafat. Plenty of accusations but no evidence. Where is it? Oh yeah snooker quotes Daniel Pipes! He has proof in the US.


    Fatah urges Palestinians to shield Arafat

    Yasser Arafat's Fatah movement urged Palestinians to stay around the clock at his headquarters to protect the Palestinian President from any Israeli attempt to force him into exile.

    "It is true the Palestinians do not own tanks but they own the determination to resist this Israeli decision," Ahmed Ghneim, a senior official in Arafat's mainstream political movement, told reporters in the West Bank city of Ramallah.

    Using Mr Arafat's nom de guerre, he said, "we call on the Palestinian people to be present at Abu Ammar's [Arafat] compound day and night so the [Israeli] occupiers realise that the people will defend their leadership".

    Tens of thousands of Palestinians took to the streets of the West Bank and Gaza Strip in defiant rallies after Israel's cabinet decided in principle to expel Mr Arafat as an obstacle to peace, a charge he denies.

    Mr Arafat vowed to crowds outside his presidential offices he would stay put, come what may.

    About 200 people were at Mr Arafat's headquarters late in the evening, singing and waving posters of the President and Palestinian flags.

    Some said they would sleep there.

    Mr Arafat was receiving and shaking hands with many of the supporters.
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