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    Regional media reaction to the Israeli and Palestinian attacks of the past 24 hours

    Thursday June 12, 2003

    The Daily Star, Lebanon
    The claim of responsibility for Wednesday's carnage in Jerusalem was immaterial. The only relevant factor was the answer to a simple question: "Who benefits?" The fact that Hamas took "credit" for the slaughter was therefore extraneous because the only possible beneficiary was Ariel Sharon. The immolation of Israeli civilians will only serve to advertise and solidify his nefarious position, not discredit or undermine it, and to delay or obliterate Palestinian aspirations to statehood, not accelerate or strengthen them.
    Never have 2 'enemies' helped each other so much

    Haaretz, Israel
    But the crimes of the Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Tanzim and the Popular and Democratic Fronts are not the only elements in the imbroglio created in the last few weeks. Less than their contribution, but nonetheless serious, were the sins of Ariel Sharon and the mistakes of George Bush.
    Analysis: Hamas crimes, Sharon sins, Bush mistakes
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