PALESTINE: History, Case and Solution.

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    The situation is all cut & dried - well according to the Australian Islamic Youth Society it is.

    Note that this article is their own spin on the situation & not an impartial interview as they have claimed their articles are.

    History, Case and Solution.

    The "Palestinian Question" has been the focus of media attention, on and off, for the past 47 years. By signing a mutual agreement, arresting activists, portraying the situation as 'solved', and pushing the events and conditions of the Palestinian people to the back page, the world Governments and media thought they could make us forget the sufferings of our people, the usurption of our land, and the injustice of non Believers.

    The history books have always depicted the Ottomans as womanisers, and Palestinians as terrorists. The accurate history of the Paletininian situation is now revealed in Nida'ul Islam's special report.

    The Islamic success

    The first to liberate Palestine through the holy house was the Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w). This was on the night of the night Journey (Isra`) and ascension (mi'raj) when he (s.a.w) led the prayer of all the prophets in the Farthest Mosque (Almasjid AlAqsa).

    The first military expedition to liberate the land of Damascus was the army which was prepared by the Prophet (s.a.w) under the leadership of Usama Bin Zayd (r.a.a) as was the one sent by Abu Bakr AlSiddiq (r.a.a.) after the death of the Prophet (s.a.w). However, this army returned to support the Khalifa in the battle of the apostates after it had reached the borders of East Jordan and achieved victory there.

    In 633 A.D, Abu Bakr AlSiddiq (r.a.a) sent a number of armies towards the north, as the army of Yazeed Bin Abi Sufyan clashed with the Romans in the valley of 'Arba to the south of the Dead Sea defeating them until he reached the vicinity of Gaza in 634 A.D. 'Umar and himself thereafter completed the liberation of south Palestine leading Heracle to send a huge army under the leadership of his brother Theodorus. Abu Bakr ordered Khaled Ibn AlWaleed to go from 'Iraq to support the Muslim armies on the Damascene Front. These armies were soundly victorious under the leadership of 'Amr Bin Al'Aas in Ajnadeen in 634 ad.

    Then the Muslim armies united in the Yarmouk valley. Victory was fated for the Muslims under the leadership of Khaled Ibn AlWaleed. However the holy land remained fortified in the face of the Muslims. The Khalifa 'Umar was checking on the condition of the Army at Jabia at which time the messengers of Iliya (the holy land) came to him offering peace on condition that the Khalifa himself take the keys. At that time the Khalifa pledged security to the residents of the holy land with respect to their person, their religion, their churches, and their crucifixes, another condition which the Christians demanded was that "No Jew would reside in Iliya with them." From that time, Palestine was stamped with the pure Islamic stamp.

    The Christian occupation:

    The Christian occupation of Palestine began after the sermon which pope Urbane the second delivered in 1095 ad, when he incited the Christians to rescue the holy sepulcher from the hands of the Muslims. So they occupied Ramla, then Yafa and ransacked and destroyed it. When they besieged the holy land, they numbered 40,000. The Holy Land fell after a month of siege, so they entered it in 1099 ad and massacred its residents not sparing an infant or an elderly whereby the number killed went over seventy thousand, then they established a Latin kingdom. Muslim blood quickly boiled at this massacre leading to the march of the gathered mujahideen to repel the evil and oppressive enemy from the Muslim land. The honour of leading of this gathering went to Nuruddin Alzengy who received victory and reclaimed some of the Muslim cities. He was succeeded by the champion Salahuddin Alayyuby who marched with his army of Mujahideen after one of the poets wrote to him speaking on behalf of the AlAqsa Mosque:

    O King who to whose sway of the cross has yielded
    A letter has come to you working for the Alaqsa Mosque
    All the mosques have been liberated
    and I and my honour have been defiled

    At this, Salahuddin swore to liberate Alaqsa from the hands of the incursive Christian army. The champion was true to his oath and engaged with the crusaders in the decisive battle of Hittin in 1187 A.D when he purified Alaqsa from the filth of the crusaders.

    The temple

    Historians and archaeologists claim that the temple built by Solomon (peace upon him) - as the Jews claim - has no evidence of ever existing. The most likely of opinions is that the temple which the Jews are looking for is in fact the blessed Alaqsa Mosque. The Alaqsa Mosque in fact has a history predating the Prophet David (peace upon him).

    Imam Qurtuby said: "It is conceivable that it was built by the angels after finishing with the always attended house with the permission of their Lord Most High. The superficial meaning of the Hadith indicates this, and Allah knows best." The Hadith which has been narrated on the authority of Abu Zarr (r.a.a.) who said: "I said 'O Messenger of Allah, which mosque was placed on the earth first?' He (s.a.w.) said: 'The Sacred Mosque' (That is the Mosque where the Ka'ba is at Mecca. Tr.). Then I said: 'Then which?', he (s.a.w.) said: "Alaqsa Mosque". Then I said: "How much is between them?" He (s.a.w.) said: 'Forty years.' "

    The idea of creating a nationalist nation for the Jews was a dream of many of the most influential Jews and Jewish thinkers. The suggestion of Palestine as this nation springs from their religious belief - as they claim - that this is the promised land, and the temple of God was in it. However, this belief is no more than a cover for the bringing together of the Jews.

    The new goal for choosing Palestine as a country for the Jews springs from a strategic and economic objective and not from a religious objective at all. This has been admitted by the Jew "Nechum Goldman", the President of the World Jewish League in a conference in Montreal Canada, saying: "The Jews did not choose Palestine for its Torah and religious significance with respect to them, and not because the waters of the Dead Sea give through evaporation approximately three billion dollars a year of minerals and precious metals, nor because the oil reserves of Palestine are equivalent to twenty times the reserves of the entire Americas, but because Palestine is at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, and Africa. Also because Palestine forms the point of concentration of all the world powers, because it is the strategic centre for controlling money." [Reported in "Hamas, The Historical Roots and the Pact", p16]

    Working to establish a country 'Israel'

    Perhaps the first serious and organised plan for the establishment of the country of Israel was in the Bale conference in Switzerland 29-31/8/1897 A.D. The conference succeeded through the efforts of Herzl and Weizmann, attended by 204 of those invited, where they decreed the establishment of a nation for the Jews in Palestine. Herzl estimated 5 years for the establishment of this country adding that it will not take more than fifty years.

    The position of Sultan AbdulHameed

    After the Bale conference, the Jewish movement became active which led Sultan AbdulHameed (the then Khalifah) to deliver his famous decree in 1900 to stop the Jewish pilgrims from residing in Palestine for longer than three months.

    Sultan AbdulHameed knew very well the designs and plans of the Jews. Contact with the Sultan was commenced by the Jews in 1882 when the Friends of Zion society put up a request to the Uthmany council in Russia for residence in Palestine. The Sultan responded: "The Uthmany government hereby decrees to all the Jews who desire to migrate to Turkey that they will not be permitted to reside in Palestine."

    The Jews were aroused and angered and began to send delegation after delegation each of which returned with a response more severe than the one preceding it. Then in 1901, Sultan AbdulHameed passed a statute forbidding the sale of any land in Palestine to the Jews.

    In 1902, Herzl formed another delegation to meet with the Sultan a second time after he attempted to convince him in 1896. The Sultan refused to meet with him, so they went to the prime minister "Tahsin Basha" with their suggestions. They offered the repayment of the entire debt of the Uthmany government which were to the extent of twenty three million gold English pounds, and to build a fleet for he protection of the empire costing two hundred and thirty million gold franc, and to offer an interest free loan to the value of thirty five million gold lira to revive the treasury in addition to the building of an 'Uthmany university in the holy land. All these offers were in return for permission by the Sultan to the Jews to establish a Jewish nation in Palestine. That is to sell the lives and livelihood of the Palestinian people and the holy land for these offers.

    Sultan AbdulHammed (may Allah have mercy on him) paid the price of attempting to preserve the holy land with his kingdom and throne. He did not forego one atom of the atoms in its dirt for worldly gain.

    After the defeat of the 'Uthmany nation in the First World War, the area was redrawn and distributed between Britain and France according to the "Sax Bico" agreement. So Palestine submitted to the British occupation at the same time when the ratios of Jewish migration began to increase with support from the non Muslim countries.

    The number of Jews multiplied three fold from 1918 to 1928, until they reached one hundred and seventy five thousand (175,000) and established the Hebrew University, the Jewish Trust, and the Palestine Electricity Station which strived to form a major share of the establishments. The accursed British pledge at the Balfour conference in 1917 to establish a nation state for the Jews in Palestine was now being honoured.

    By 1947, the number of Jews in Palestine had reached approximately six hundred and fifty thousand, that is thirty one percent of the total population. Thus they began to establish their organisations, civil and martial which were trained in organised terrorism. From these a large number were trained in and participated in the Second World War in order to gain experience and skills to go to battle in Palestine in the next stage. So when the United Nations decreed the division of Palestine, the Jews had seventy five thousand armed and trained members who were split amongst a number of militias.

    This period witnessed heated clashes and a brilliant Jihad against the transgressing enemy which was bent on destroying the land and the people. The Palestinian people offered thousands of martyrs for their religion, honour, land, and dignity.

    'Israel' established

    The 1948 war began in May and was immediately after the withdrawal of the British forces from Palestine after the Zionist militias completed their stores of arms and ammunition, and their forces reached one hundred and fifty thousand soldiers leading to the Arabic regimes and quasi-regimes to send their forces to Palestine unprepared and not even in agreement with respect to a particular plan. This of course is natural with an army where the leadership positions are taken by the English who were agents for the Israeli.

    Thus the Palestinian people found themselves in the midst of betrayals by the Arabic armies and the Zionist militias. Support for the oppressed Palestinian people at that time was reduced to trickles coming from efforts of some currents in the Islamic movements.

    Palestinian towns began to fall one after the other; Haifa fell on 22 April 1948, Safd on 10 May, Bisan on 12 May, Akka on 20 May, Lud on 12 July, Nasra on 16 July, and Daria on 19 August 1948.

    In this manner this stage of fighting ended after the fall of all Palestine except the West Bank and Gaza.

    The Jewish presence became established on the Palestinian land, and all the Arabic regimes signed peace treaties in 1949 when the "holy Jihad forces" were disbanded.

    The period between 1949 and 1957 witnessed a number of major projects. The Israeli ministry for foreign affairs admitted that their forces faced seven thousand eight hundred and fifty events on the Jordanian front, and three thousand on the Gaza border against the Mujahideen of the Islamic movement. Then the treacherous regimes began to tighten the noose on the Mujahideen where Jordan tried nine hundred and ninety seven Sheikhs on the accusation of incursion across the border.

    The stage of 1957 witnessed political battles which centered mainly on the Communist and Nationalist currents during which the Palestinian issue entered the political and information battlefield.

    The governing regimes continued in their defeat and the Palestinian people were lost between the fangs of the enemies and the plots of the big countries. This led to the birth of the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) with a decree from the League of Arab Nations, to stir the anger of the Arab people and demand Jihad as a sole mean to liberate the occupied territories, the establishment of the PLO was completed on 16 January 1965.

    This was followed by the disgraceful defeat of 1967 through which the Arabic people realised the extent of treason of the governing regimes through the ignominy of the useless weapons on the Egyptian front and the declaration of the fall of the Golan Heights even before the battle took place on the Syrian front.

    Then corruption gnawed into the body of the PLO and its secular creed was rejected as was its reliance on the governing regimes which were only established to protect the Zionist presence and to confront any real resistance which may pose a danger to their existence.

    Various puppet forces became prominent in the PLO which worked towards a truth from the beginning. This began to appear in 1968, to finally declare itself in deed in the year 1970, when it became the dominant tide in the war of October 1973. In this manner the treacherous theatrical play was completed at the hands of the same regimes in October 1973 which was prepared and set up through the American regime so that the courage of these rotten governments might emerge and so that the march of the caravan of surrender might begin.

    Later was completed the first treacherous treaty between Egypt and Israel at the hands of the buried Anwar Sadat, known as the Camp David Agreement which guaranteed Israel what it could not achieve through its wars. This was the achievement of a diplomatic, economical, and cultural relationship with Egypt, the countrywhich it had the largest dispute with it.

    Despite this, the Zionist enemy did not change its aggressive policies; their forces raided Southern Lebanon in 1982 and they took hold of the Lebanese lands occupying a part thereof after the cowardice and ignominy of the PLO and its forces became silent on the battle front.

    In 1988 the Palestinian Intifada began its struggle against the Zionist occupation; the Palestinian Hamas also shot to prominence along with the Islamic Jihad to prove that Jihad will continue to exist in the conscience of our Ummah despite the plots of the enemies and the betrayal of the brothers.

    The Israeli leadership realised the extent of the danger of the Intifada, so it worked to make it fail on two axes:
    1 - The military axis through pulverising them with force.
    2 - The political axis through the apostate leadership of the PLO

    The Arafat leadership had made 16 secret meetings with the Israeli leadership in Oslo, then the signing of the Palestine Israel Pact on 13 September 1993, or what is referred to as the Gaza Jericho agreement. This was followed with the second Oslo agreement which is referred to as the Taba agreement.

    The Political Perspective of The Situation

    The Jewish tactics with their support from the Christian countries enabled them to transform their dream of occupying Palestine into a reality in 1948 after some wars in which the Arabic regimes played the biggest role in weaving the defeat and attempting to demolish the will to resist the schemes of the Jews in the holy land of Sham.

    The Zionist scheme to dominate the Muslim world reached various stages of development for many reasons some of which:
    1- The Zionist domination of the ruling centres in most of the world capitals.
    2- The Zionist domination of the spheres of economics, money, and media in the capitals of the Christian West.
    3- Recruiting Arabic rulers whose mission is the fulfillment of the plans of the Jews with all sincerity.
    4- Working through a strategy with certain stages at the creation of the nation of the children of Zion and up to future centuries. This strategy was translated into the peace missions which forced into submission the regimes of the Arabic resistance.

    Sadat started on this road in an open manner when he visited AlQuds and signed the Camp David accord. This opened the way for the children of Zion to dominate Egyptian markets economically, culturally, and through the media. He was followed in this policy by Yaser Arafat who imposed himself onto the leadership of the PLO. Arafat was in turn followed by the Hashimite devil Husain through his signing of the last peace treaty with Israel. These will be followed in the near future with peace treaties with Syria and Lebanon (May Allah forbid this).

    All this comes through a thorough scheme called the Middle East Order where Israel will sit comfortably on its throne and rule over the Arab and Islamic world at the various economic, political, and information levels until it achieves its dream of establishing the government of the greater Israel. This will make it easier for Israel to kill the spirit of resistance in the Muslim people and then convince them that Israel has appeared in the region to remain.

    What is required

    These enemies have realised that the strength of this Ummah lies in its Islam. For this reason they have worked from the beginning to remove the creed aspect from the conscience of the Ummah, at one time by placing evil rulers who smite the forerunners of the revival which are embodied in the Islamic movements and at other times by inciting the Western world against Islam and its Jihad movements through the tunes of fundamentalism and terrorism.

    They also worked at the same time to domesticate the Palestinian people through the utilisation of the latest method of terrorism, oppression, and starvation to break the bone of resistance which came to the forefront alive with the blessed Islamic Intifada.

    However, have they been able to achieve this?

    It is true that the apostate Arabic regimes have signed - and will sign - the "peace" treaties.

    It is also true that these regimes are competing to earn the pleasure of the New American World Order, which is sponsoring 'Israel' as a ruler over the region.

    It is also true that the operation of official recognition has begun hand and foot in many Arabic and Islamic countries, through changing the education curricula, the opening of the markets to Israeli products and the establishment of seminars and conferences etc..

    However, all these plans have forgotten that the people are Islamic, and that this Giant has awakened and risen from its rest. These are its Mujahid heralds shuddering the earth under the feet of the despots in all areas of the Muslim Ummah, and these are able after relying on Allah The Exalted to bring defeat to their enemies.

    These are the plans of Israel to make everything acceptable continuing in Egypt since more than ten years ago. It has not been able to reach more than a few of the agents of the regime who have sold their religion whilst the vast majority of people continue to reject Israel, not changing their views towards it as an occupying enemy which has usurped Muslim lands in Sham.

    Nothing has been written for the latest plans of gaining acceptance except failure. Because the Muslim people reject that tyrant country, their apostate regimes are not able to change that view despite their intricate schemes.

    The will of Jihad in our Ummah will continue to the day of judgement. This is confirmed by the noble authentic ahadith, particularly in the blessed land of Sham.

    However, this does not mean in any way that we must reside in that land and await victory - victory does not come without struggle and sacrifice..

    The situation which our Umma is currently going through is regarded as the most important and most dangerous of stages. It witnesses the resurgence of Islam accompanied with the biggest rejectionist plot against the people of this blessed resurgence which aims at the ending of the Islamic Jihad movements and replacing them with an Islam which has Western meaning and content.

    The plots of the children of Zion in Palestine aim at wiping the Muslim identity and replacing this with a comical local authority under the leadership of Yaser Arafat. This authority will work to achieve the rest of their plans and relieve them of the hardship of keeping peace in the Palestinian camps which form a foreboding security nightare for their soldiers.

    Here in reality is what the personal authority of Arafat attempts to establish by pursuing the Mujahideen, imprisoning them, and torturing them.

    THE Time has come for the Islamic movement to realise that the only way out lies in Jihad in the cause of Allah for the liberation of land and people and the establishment of the religion of Allah, and every other path will lead to complete failure without doubt. They must also realise that alternate attempts by the Islamic movements are doomed to failure. They must be weary of election trap regardless of its nature, and must continue with resistance in all its forms.

    Victory is coming without doubt regardless of the variety of schemes, because this is a promise from Allah Most High: "So if the promise of the second came to pass, they will disgrace your faces, and they will enter the mosque as they entered it the first time and they may destroy what they overcome with complete destruction."[S17; V7].

    The religious position with respect to Israel, and the accord with the Jews
    The Ummah is unanimous about the illegality of reconciliation with the Jews who have usurped the land of Palestine. The trusted scholars have also decreed that whoever sells his land to the Jews or whoever accepts reconciliation with them knowing the harm of this to the Muslims is an apostate who has rejected Islam.

    The illegality of the sale of the land to the Jews

    After the fall of the 'Uthmany Caliphate, the scholars of Palestine realised the size and danger of the plot which had been weaved, and the designs of the Jews to their land. So they gathered on 26 January 1935 in the Alaqsa mosque in the holy land and issued a Fatwa, the most important part of which states: "further, we the issuers of the Fatwa... after research and looking into what would arise from the sale of the land in Palestine to the Jews, with looking into the intents of the Zionists to Turn this holy Muslim land into Jewish land, taking it from the hands of its inhabitants and keeping them away from it...

    "After looking at the fatwas which have been issued by the Muslim scholars in Iraq, Egypt, India, Morocco, Syria, Palestine, and other Muslim countries, which have unanimously agreed to the illegality of the sale of Palestinian land to the Jews, as well as broking or facilitating in any way or mean the sale of any land to the Jews, and the illegality of accepting this and keeping quiet over it. Further, all this has become with respect to each Palestinian knowing of the result and accepting it an act of apostasy and rejection of Islam..."

    Then the scholars mentioned the various corruptions which arise from the sale of land to the Jews with respect to the expulsion of Muslims from their homes and the stopping the mention of The Name of Allah in His mosques, and befriending the Jews and supporting them against the Muslims and the betrayal of Allah and His Messenger. "So let it be known from all that we have put forward of reasons results, statements, rulings, and fatwas that the one who sells his land in Palestine to the Jews, whether directly or through an agent, and the agent in this sale and the one who facilitates it and the one who assists in it in any manner knowing of the aforementioned results, each of those is not to be prayed over nor buried in the Muslim graves. They must also be ostracised and boycotted, as well as degrading them and abstaining from compassion towards them or coming near them whether they are fathers, children, brothers, or spouses.. Further, silence with respect to the deeds of these, and acquiescing to them is strictly forbidden.."

    This accord was signed by two hundred and forty nine (249) scholars overall. It is a Fatwa declaring illegal to forego any part of Palestine. [pp 30-35 Jamiat Alislah ed. Kuwait, and pp 5-11 Maarkaz Ali'lam Al'araby ed.]

    On 29 November 1947 the scholars of Alazhar issued a call after the resolution of the United Nations to divide Palestine into two countries, a Jewish and a Palestinian. This call included: "The resolution of the United Nations is a resolution from a body without authority. It is an oppressive, and transgressing resolution which has no justice or equity." Then the Muslim scholars called for Jihad to liberate Palestine: "Block their path, and sit for them in every vantage point, boycott them with respect to their trade and do not deal with them, and prepare the requisites of Jihad amongst yourselves.. Fulfill what Allah has required of you..." [Ibid pp 12 - 15]

    The illegality of a truce with the Jews

    Then occurred the various treasons by the puppet Arabic governments which pursued the Mujahideen groups and stopped them from fighting against the Jews, and the country of Israel was established on the land of Palestine. Then in 1956 a committee of the scholars of Alazhar issued a Fatwa forbidding a truce with the new Jewish government which declared the truce with Israel - and those who incite to it - "to be not permitted by law because of what it contains of acquiescing to the transgressor and allowing him to continue to usurp and entrench itself in the land.. So it is not permitted for the Muslims to reconcile with these Jews who have usurped the land of Palestine and transgressed against its people and their wealth in any manner whatsoever which will allow the Jews to remain on these holy Islamic lands as a nation. In fact, it is required of them to cooperate together with their varied tongues and colours and ethnicity to return this country to its people, and to protect the Alaqsa mosque... and to exert all they can to cleanse the land of the country from any trace of these transgressors. Whoever falls short in this or neglects it or discourages the Muslims from it or calls to whatever leads to the dispersion of the word and Muslims, and assists the colonialists and Zionists to fulfill their plans against the Arabs and the Muslims and against the Arabic and Islamic country is - according to the law of Islam - one who left the Muslims and committed the gravest of sins." [ibid pp 22 to 32]

    Palestine, an Islamic land

    The Imam of Alazhar Hasan Ma`moun issued the following Fatwa: "Palestine is a land liberated by the Muslims who have lived therein for a long time, so it has become a part of the Islamic countries, most of its inhabitants are Muslims, there resides amongst them a minority of other religions, so it is a Muslim country wherein Muslim law applies". . . and added "The attack of the enemy against a Muslim country is not accepted under Islamic law regardless of its reasons and motives. The land of Islam must remain in the hand of its people... What is required of the Muslims in the situation of transgression against any Islamic country - and there is no distinction amongst Muslims - is Jihad against the enemy with force, and this is an individual obligation upon all its people. . . so when all the Muslim countries are regarded as a home for every Muslim, the duty of Jihad forms an obligation upon its people first, and upon other Muslims who live in other countries second." [ibid pp 35 to 36]

    Jihad: the Path to Liberation

    The most recent Fatwa which has issued in this matter is the one which had been signed by sixty three scholars and thinkers from eighteen countries, this is some of what came in it: "We declare with what Allah has taken upon us of oath to reveal the truth that Jihad is the only path to liberate Palestine, and that it is not permitted in any situation to acknowledge one hand span of Palestinian land for the Jews. It does not fall on any person or group to acknowledge a right for the Jews to Palestine or to forego to them any part thereof or thereto.

    Such an acknowledgment would be treason to Allah and the messenger and the trust which all Muslims have been trusted to guard, Allah says: "O those who have believed, do not betray Allah and the messenger, and do not betray your trusts whilst you are knowing." What treason is bigger than the sale of the sanctities of the Muslims and the forfeiture of the Muslim countries to the enemies of Allah and His messenger and the believers?

    We stress that Palestine is Muslim land and will remain so and it will be liberated by the champions of Islam from the filth of the Jews as it had been liberated by Salahuddin from the filth of the crusaders, and you will hear of this after some time.." [ibid pp 51 & 52]

    From the aforementioned, it becomes clear to us without doubt or argument, that truce with the country of Israel is a matter which is not permitted by law regardless of what the claimants and the whisperers claim and whisper. Jihad with iron and fire is the only way to reclaim Palestine from the hands of the Jews and to return it to the rule of Islam. Whoever amongst the Muslims permits a truth with the Jews, and acquiesces to the establishment of their country knowing of the illegality of this will be regarded as an apostate, and shall be treated as such.

    Prepared by: Nida'ul Islam

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