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    The add says no sales so owners dropping prices.Home owners struggling to sell in a stagnant real estate market are being forced to cut prices significantly,latest figures show.Industry experts say the level of discounting shows the property cycle has entered a buyers market,with bargains to be had in Adelaide and many regional centres.
    There's a list of suburbs and their discounts.Interesting that both Stonyfell and Fullarton(both blue ribbon suburbs),have seller discounts of 8% each.Fullarton is 5 mins to the town centre,so being close to the city doesnt appear to matter.Stonyfell,has some awesome properties,and is a beautiful suburb.Glenelg East also made the list with 6% discounting.(close to the beach).
    ''Now we're finding ourselves in a real astate cycle where things are coming off the boil and supply is outstripping demand''
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