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Your opinion mirrors my own. I have no confidence in the current...

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    Your opinion mirrors my own. I have no confidence in the current board, and very little confidence in Mr. Taylor. They seem to have done little correct in the time I have been invested. While not selling at these levels, I also will not invest another dime under the current BOD. I would not be the least upset to see Mr. Taylor replaced as well. While it is true that fresh blood on the BOD is no guarantee of future success, I do not believe they could do much worse than what has recently transpired. Hindsight is 20/20, but I feel that the share price would not be where it it today if LCT had a better board and CEO. My vote will be to give Pacific Channel a chance. If I am wrong about them? Well, at least I will go down swinging. I do not see LCT suddenly executing and becoming shareholder friendly without some changes. They have really made some bad decisions and used poor judgement.

    I will say that I appreciated the recent newsletter. I thought it had some good information (possibly it just seemed good because I have been getting all of my info off of this message board due to lack of company communication). Not good news, just good information. I do not think it is asking too much to be kept informed. I recently wrote the company (polite letter) and received no response. Nothing aggravates me more than taking the time to write a company I am part owner of and not getting the courtesy of a response. My money invested here is paying their salary, and they do not think enough of me to give a brief reply? Unforgivable, and I will be showing my displeasure with my voting shares.
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