pa paper makes racist, sexist remarks about condol

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    Jun. 22, 2003
    PA paper makes racist, sexist remarks about Condoleeza Rice

    The Palestinian Authority's official newspaper, al-Ayyam, on Sunday launched a scathing attack on US National Security Advisor Condoleeza Rice, making derogatory remarks about the color of her complexion and the fact that she's a woman.

    The attack on Rice comes days before her planned visit to the region.

    In an article entitled "Beware of the Lady of Steel," prominent Palestinian columnist Hasan al-Batal describes Rice as a "black widow" and a "single black lady."

    Earlier this year, al-Ayyam launched a similar attack on Rice, dubbing her a "black raven." Then, she was targeted for accusing the Palestinian Authority of supporting terrorism.

    Sunday's article also included insults directed against former US Secretary of State "Henry [Kissinger] the Jew."

    "She (Rice) is as pretty as supermodel Naomi Campbell and much more intelligent than the iron woman Margaret Thatcher," the communist, who writes on a regular basis in al-Ayyam, said.

    "She is the most powerful National Security Advisor in the US administration since "darling" Henry Kissinger. The White House has seen some women with strong personalities, such as the 'dominant' wife of Ronald Reagan, the 'bright' and 'ambitious' wife of Bill Clinton, and the 'beloved' wife of John F. Kennedy. But Condoleeza Rice, the first black woman to serve in the most serious post in the White House, is the brains of the [US] President."

    The article added: "The 'intelligence' of this black advisor and the 'bravery' of Gen. Colin Powell, raised this black woman and this black gentleman to the highest positions ever occupied by blacks in the US Administration.

    "When Henry [Kissinger] the Jew used to pretend that he was crying because of the Israeli leadership's 'stupidity' and 'shortsightedness' during the disengagement of troops with Egypt, he would say, 'Israel needs to be saved from itself.' Mrs. Rice is now planning to visit Israel for the second time and Palestine for the first to salvage the road map or to save 'brave' and 'moderate' black [Powell] from failure."

    The article concludes by warning Palestinians to be wary of the "single black woman," adding: "We don't want to say the black widow out of respect for her femininity, her brightness and her determination, which makes her the lady of steel."
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