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ozestock poster praise!!

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    Posted by: karoboy Jun 27 2002 6:31:53:230PM
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    You know what, I used to love this stock because I was in at $2.26 and it rose to $5.40.
    I held onto this stock as it slided down to $4.00 before taking a @#$% you attitude and selling out.
    Now I know why investors say, "Never fall in love with a stock".
    Even if Peptech go below $2.15 by 4pm Friday, Jollyroger is still a guru, since he stated Peptech are a poor company before they dropped below $3.00
    I also noticed Oavde disappeared off the face of the planet when Peptech started to plummet. Where is your backbone?
    I am so glad I got out at $4.00 and really feel for any gullible investors who are holding on.


    ESPECIALLY PEPTECH (or any biotech company)

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