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    Whilst the drop in POG is certainly not helping the cause here, I feel that there may be another reason for the recent heavy selling in OXR.

    The company has recently announced support for the stock in the form of an underwriter whom will excercise up to half the oxroa, should there be a short fall.

    What would cause a shortfall of excercise, well a drop in the price of the stock below 25 cents would most certainly be a catalyst.

    Additionally, shortfalls will result in less dilution, thus the underwriter's position becomes more lucrative with less overall stock in place once the oppies are exercised. There appears to be no "must have all" motivation to get any more than half of the oppies exercised, OXR are guarenteed $30 million from the underwriter which is enough to get the gold project up.

    I am not sure, nor would be in a position to make strong statements regarding exactly what might be going on, but given the circumstances in place, the theory that there may be efforts to reduce the price of the fully paids might not be so far fetched.

    I sold my oppies at loss expecting to pick up fully paids in the near future at or around 25 cents, I could easily be wrong on this one and regret it later.

    Any other ideas?
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Currently unlisted public company.

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