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    well a good day for OXR today....looking at the charts...and i dont want to put the mozz on them...its my opinion that we will not see a retrace toomorow but a continuance of the current uptrend.as has been stated on another board i can see OXR going to .42-.45 before we see a retrace.as such this will also mean that the options will continue to rise[.18-.20].

    i feel this is were emoions come into play.people thinking that surely this cant continue...but when one is in such a quality stock there is only one way for it to go...UP...sure we'll have the pull backs but if people are prepared to wait this stock will be in the dollar range before to long...cheers

    ....i hold OXR ....always do your resereach before you invest..cheers
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Currently unlisted public company.

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