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oxi mafia

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    did i hear the broadcast right...
    did smyth mention something about the mafia being involved in CVI?

    i think he said something like oxi-mafia or maybe oxy-mafia?

    he also mentioned headaches...
    and the fact that he doesnt like placements....
    (but he's the one signing these placements off... so his hand must be being forced by this oxi mafia...or is it somebody else?!)

    yeah i know he was speaking in metaphors etc, but lately i think we are all beginning to wonder if he's as in control as we used to believe he was.

    maybe someone else is running this show?
    could it be the angolans as some here have already suggested?

    i also take his comments that the placements were to long term holders with a grain of salt.
    we have all seen the price action prior and pre placements, and there has always been more selling around them.

    this is not a downramp...i'm just getting worried as i suppose a lot of you are too....
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