owning propert is good

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    many who rent, are boosting the wealth of others.Just like this chris guy keeps going on about how wonderful shares are and property is rubbish. Well being from England i bought 2 houses 5 yrs ago in u.k. The first one was the family home 180,000 pounds which i then sold 2 yrs later for 350,000. i had a rental bought for 49,000 which was sold for 148,000 after just 3 yrs ownership. I now live here in New Zealand and spent 750,000 on a new house which after just one year is now worth 1.3 mill. so as much as im a lover of shares ,shares couldnt have made that kind of money in such a short space of time. dont put all your eggs in one basket or you will lose not just your shirt mate...
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