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    CEU looks to be going fine to me. The SP has declined a bit, but only in line with the All Ords.

    The Directors ann. today are small, I'm thinking they are entitled to a small parcel at the time the distribution is announced - a bit like a DRP for the Directors - perhaps someone could confirm?

    I'm surprised it's back in the $1.30's. I have 100,000 units and an average buy-in of $1.37 and very happy with it.

    On current levels, CEU will pay you a 7.7% fully tax deferred distribution while you wait for the share-price to rise.

    Not a bad deal in my book. Certainly better than anything the bank stocks are currently doing.

    If your time horizon is 3-5 years then CEU will happily return you a dividend+capital of 20% a year in my book.

    REMEMBER - TCL dropped 50% before it opened back in 1996 so for CEU to drop before the open is nothing new.

    Everyone take a deep breath, look at the fundamentals and make your own decision - mine is to buy and hold for the long term - but if you are looking for a quick dollar and high risk then CEU is probably not for U :)
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