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jd,you honestly have no idea how tradeing/investing in markets...

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    jd,you honestly have no idea how tradeing/investing in markets works and how to be sucessfull in this bussiness,and again stop making false statements about me,when did i ever state that i know more than others(sure i know more than some no names mentioned)Now what im about to explain to you is grade 1 leval some thing i think u missed out on.At end of day all that matters is what ur investment is worth,true to certain extent now what matters is where u entered the stock and where u exit,the time in between is part of ones homework to follow the companies progress and determine if his reasons for buying are still valid,while it would be nice to buy and see ur investment go straight up and make u happy and rich,this is not realty .High risks stocks like lom will have massive challenges ahead and if u can not handle this then u should not have bought in the first place,let alone topping up more to average down very bad move if u do not like company progress or sp,there are thousands of companies listed pick another.Again while we are down on our purchase u have not made a loss or a profit untill u exit ur position full stop.You need to get this into ur mindset profit or loss is made on closing ur position so stop crying at current sp.You are winging at our sp at time that whole sector is doing it very tough and all producers sp have drooped substantially so stop putting lom as it has not performed well based on its sp.Again there is nothing i can say to you that will please you that is due to my personal honest view .Diamond dog as u say (ur words)well every dog has its days just go fishing past time till day arrives .
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