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Over reaction

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    Huge overreaction imo.
    Nothing has changed with this company.
    Management have changed tact in that they have come to understand that cutting & polishing gems is not their business.
    The Thais and others do that work.
    Mustangs business is Mining...simple.
    The report today is actually quite a positive one,with the plant being done up & due to start up again early May.
    It will process even more dirt and more efficiently.
    Special stones..I coudnt really give a f for..
    The product that will come out of this operation over time will hugely surpass your precious "5 special stones".
    A good marketing ploy by management though..it know doubt drew alot of attention.
    Another CR..?
    Too early to say...the quartely report would give more clarity to the cash flow etc.
    In this day and age everybody wants theirs now..now..now..and easily disappointed.
    CJ tweeted that Gemfields did not get to market for quite some time..
    End of the day..nothing has changed just have to be a little more patient..and hey..great buying opportunity atm...We are in the $$$Ruby business dont forget...not coconuts..
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