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How was the CVI media coverageover the weekend in...

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    How was the CVI media coverage
    over the weekend in Australia?
    Nothing on CVI in the business section
    in China Daily - maybe one day.. :)

    How will the news coverage affect the sp
    Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu and Friday? Any takers?
    25c close tomorrow and 30c by Friday?

    Notwithstanding the noise from a few HC posters
    (e.g. sell, sell, sell: CVI going belly up... LOL)
    - I think the market will love the CVI story.
    Massive potential, massive upside - coupled with 1.1bn
    funding very close to 100% secure, it should be
    upwards and onwards from here.

    Will we experience a MAK style run this week?
    Tomorrow and Tuesday will be rather interesting IMO.

    I hold for the long haul, but I will be happy to
    celebrate $1 in Luanda.

    Cheers to all longs!
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