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    On this point I agree with you. Mass production needs to clarified. Don't see it happening in 2019 personally, but the same could be said about Tesla, and yet it did not stop investors running the stock up to unimaginable heights. Everything you have raised here to date are rational arguments, but as you and I both know the stock market has moments of irrationality, and that where the money is to be made. Buy low, sell high, rinse and repeat. Long term FBR has a place in the market once proof of concept has been achieved, so sitting back and doing nothing may also be a good option should FBR prove themselves to be a legitimate player. Still high risk IMO and nothing is a sure thing in this current macro economic climate. Short term gains are better than long term losses. FBR is a gamble at this stage, lock in some contracts and I'll change my opinion, bit until then, itchy trigger fingers buy and sell.
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