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out trot the doomsayers

  1. Taz
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    Today is June 1 I believe.
    On May 19 last, this forum was ecstatic and the posts were generally of the "over the moon" variety - and I for one read very lucid, intelligent, and well considered comment weighing up different seemingly very well thought out opinions, the majority highly positive, on the future very positive prospects of CVI in the light of their just announced financing deal, i.e. successfully obtaining $1.1 billion financing, the new Pensador association, and so on. The atmosphere on this forum was buoyant and extremely positive,yet extremely astute, mature, and balanced. The quality and "grasp" of the overall situation for CVI as it now stood following this announcement was extremely well articulated in the majority of the posts, almost all opinion extremely positive, upbeat, and congratulatory to the company for the feat they had pulled off.

    Now, 12 days later, I am reading almost nothing but negative, gloomy conjecture on all the "why this stock is no good" angles which can possible be dredged up, with great emphasis on fear with regard to what the next one or two point moves will be, "bad" chart predictions, and what disaster looms for CVI in the view of many, some of whom have been well known for their past extremely gloomy views on this stock, and who, in some cases, are not even holders, yet seem to still be very drawn to commenting ad nauseum negativity on this stock...

    I am a holder, I believe very much in the future value of CVI, and I'm in the middle of a great book. Think I'll grab another coffee and go finish it.

    We all have an opinion, which we are entitled to. Mine is a very positive one with regard to the longer term prospects of CVI. Every stock, even the BHP's. the Rio's, the banks, etc. has its ups and downs, moreso in times such as these. "All good things come to those who wait" - do I have that old saying right?"

    Have a good Sunday all.

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