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    Thinking should be banned for some !
    From time to time that includes me ! lol
    We are allowed to work in the mine 24/6
    The condition "13" vote now allows us to process material 24/6
    The original plan was to Process 72,000 tonnes a year .
    If we stick with that plan the numbers are :
    72,000 T @ 14.3g/tAu + 59.9Ag for M+I
    That would give :
    72,000 x 14.3 = 1,039,600 x .93 = 957,528 G/Au for 30,788 AU ounces
    72,000 X 59.9 = 4,312,800 x .90 = 3,881,520 G/Ag for 124,807 Ag ounces
    If we go with £ 300 costs and £ 800 sales per ounce that equals £500 x 30,788 = £ 15,394,000 per year before tax
    Throw in the 124,807 ounces of silver Per Year in to costs and forget the 10% premium on Scottish Gold and the 40% of the company marketing the Scottish Gold and it still looks good .
    What if we don't stick with that plan and actually increase our processing !
    Cononish is open at depth and on the west strike and Snowden have said there is potential for 500,000 ounces within the local vicinity of Cononish !
    There is also the other Local targets but you'll have to forgive me from mentioning them as there is far to many ! lol
    All from memory so forgive me if I'm slightly out .
    36m not for sale , tick tock[email protected]/
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