"our structural deficit"

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    Roger montgomery re ord 2 last night abc business.

    "we are being sold a dudd deal"in reference to politicians approving sale of ord 2 to chinese.

    He goes on,we are constantly told we have a structural deficit which requires foreign capital,but as he says if we could value add we wouldn't have a structural deficit and wouldn't require foreign capital.

    He continues along the line of our exports eg we sell our soil because we can't compete through the value adding process of producing steel.There may be reasonable excuses for that due to govt policy,but there is no excuse for the following.

    Now we are selling the farm because we can't value add and "grow produce" with all the competitive advantages the ord river scheme provides.Really we can't grow automated global volume produce with globally competitive advantages second to none.

    And if that's not bad enough,"AUSTRALIAN"agricultural co that wants to value add has voiced dismay barnett failed to advise it that its bid to develop $250m worth of cotton farms in the ord2 was unsuccessful.

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