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Our meeting at CWE today

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    Just spending a few days in Perth after a 2 week cruise of the Kimberleys and spent the day in Fremantle.

    By chance when we were walking along by the rail line near the water front and came across CWE's new offices and we took the opportunity to drop in for a chat.

    It was an interesting discussion and we were advised that there would be some exciting announcements in the June quarterly report.

    Also the Wave Hub agreements in Cornwall was very close to being finalised and CWE were looking to use this facility for a CETO 6 demonstration facility for their UK and European prospects..

    Furthermore, CETO 6 was now well into detailed design and the first CETO 6 demonstration facility would be here in Fremantle by late 2017 at the latest.

    All sounded very positive going forward on the CETO 6 front and the EMC partnership is proving very positive as well.

    IMHO from our discussions today, it will make very interesting reading in the June quarterly report
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