Our ABC Applauding Radism

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    "I grew up surrounded by white people — then I moved to Tennant Creek"

    "But a sense of belonging within a wider frame of blackness soon followed.At her first day of work, she sat at a table with a client and another lawyer, who was white.The client, who was Indigenous, was introduced to Millicent."Oh good. I can trust her," Millicent recalls the client saying."She looks like me."For Millicent this was a light-bulb moment.'I was like 'Oh! If you can relate to me because I look like you, I can relate to you because you look like me'.

    Just think of the massive outrage if the article was written with the words "black" and "white" swapped over.

    But the ABC publishes this blatant racism and applauds it.

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