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    "Gleevec is the tip of the iceberg and everyone hopes we can translate it to larger malignancy populations."

    “The PK suggests that phenoxodiol should be developed as a continuous dosing schedule due to rapid elimination”,1003,_18%7C002002%7C00_19%7C001883%7C00_12%7C002326%7C00_29%7C00A,00.asp?cat=Other%20Novel%20Therapies

    “In pre-clinical studies, phenoxodiol has proven to he active against a wide range of human tumour cell lines, representing all three
    general tissue categories of epithelial, mesenchymal and neural.”

    “Novogen has the first and only STI in human trials active against the crucial signal transduction enzyme, “sphingosine kinase”(SK)”

    “While the current clinical trials are not designed to deliver efficacy, the results to date confirm that phenoxodiol is an effective and exciting anti-cancer agent”

    "This is a hot area in cancer,"

    “This new drug, however, may be the only one to work true miracles, as it is the first drug that might target the enzyme sphingosine kinase, which is believed to control all the pathways that promote cancer growth.”

    “The experimental drug, phenoxodil, may be the “light at the end of the tunnel” for hundreds of thousands of cancer patients”

    “From the experiments al-ready carried out, researchers maintain that patients in ad-vanced stages of cancer, sustained phenoxodiol well, and the drug even had antitumor effects when taken in minimal doses. The next step is to determine the optimum dose that should be prescribed to cancer patients. It seems that even high doses of the drug would be very unlikely to endanger patients.”

    “Left: Cancer cells induced to enter apoptosis
    (programmed cell death) after treatment with
    phenoxodiol (shown by arrows).“

    “phenoxodiol, has
    produced outstanding anti-cancer effects
    in cell culture assays and animal models
    of human cancers,“

    “Dr. Kelly said he injected the drug into himself to test the principle”

    “some anecdotal reports that tumor mass decreased”

    “not have to sell their ideas to the US at an early stage but can gain the big rewards”,7208,1961608%5e15851%5e%5enbv%5e15309,00.html

    “The effect of phenoxodiol on apoptosis in vivo in women with breast cancer,”

    “Striking it Rich”

    “Almost every one we have tested has been prevented from multiplying; breast, bowel, lung, prostate and some brain cancers included.”

    “Anti-cancer properties, cardiovascular activities, immunostimulatory and anti-inflammatory effects have all been demonstrated from the campus-based research, carried out by the University and Novogen Ltd.”
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