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    Oil Search no matter what you hear or what you are told the fundamentals of this stock say it all, the company is now undervalued, and seems to have been written off. There is now much speculation about this stock but the basis seems to be on the PNG Pipeline which in itself is a shame because aside from the pipeline Oil Search has much to offer but again this all falls on deaf ears. The market is only interested in what it hears and only then will it act, you will not get a buy signal from any Analyst until the stock is over 80 cents and or news comes through about Key customers to the PNG line. Dont be put off by the talk of a Santos takeover, this is old news, Dont be put off by brokers telling you this company is finished becasue its not, dont be put off by being told warrants like OSHWAG are not good and there are others that are better like the 2 for 1 because they're not. Do your own research and you will see a different story, for example, PNG now have a government elect, Sir Michael is getting his house in order, confidence will return, Drilling projects will increse in PNG as this is a good revenue return for the country, PNG Pipeline is going ahead and you will hear this soon, dont forget its not just a case of putting a pipeline together as there are going to be many companies that will be put off when anouncement is made, Gas from PNG is cleaner and can be very cost effective, what many people dont realise is the reserves Oil Search have, there is enough for many lifetimes. Yes Santos would love to get a hold of Oil Search and good luck to them, Somare is the key here as the government paid a premium for the OML merger and are holding stock at a very big loss but this can all change at the drop of a hat.

    I have followed this company for over a year now and as I said before since the Townsville tender went belly up for Oil Search the stock got punished but again we see that the CH4 mob are having problems and what I do know is there was problems with the supply of CBM for the period needed, and the amounts required and on that scale have never been tested before in Australia, so dont be suprised to see PNG Gas in Townsville, but dont quote me on that one.
    Comalco, TXU and CS Energy are the key factors here and dont forget AGL as I did hear they are in the market now for more gas especially after the take over of Pulse Energy.

    When news comes through this stock will take about 5 minutes to run up and it will run up hard because like so many know its so undervalued and most valuations from 90 cents upwards have not factored in the pipeline.

    There is more to come from this company and to all those that bought the OSHWAG warrant good luck as you are going to be rewarded but I am now in talks with the ANZ about another warrant again a 1 for 1 and I will let you know more about that one when the time gets closer.

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