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    Monday and we will know who will govern PNG, much speculation about who, but its going to go to the line and either way it will be good to get PNG back to normal again and a government placing policies to bring this country out of recession. Oil Search is still a huge benifit to PNG and with many projects on the go its not going to be long before people realise this and I believe it will not be long before Exxon make that announcment.

    Make or break for our nation on Monday

    THE most critical time for Papua New Guinea’s future has arrived.
    On Monday, the people of Papua New Guinea will know who will be the next prime minister and which parties will form the new government.
    Every citizen is waiting to hear from their new prime minister what he and his team are going to do to rescue this country from its multitude of problems.
    The time has also come for all elected leaders to respect the laws of the country and let the due process of electing a new prime minister take its course without undue influence and interference.
    The people of Papua New Guinea have expressed their wishes through the ballot box and this must be respected by all political parties, their leaders, members and supporters. The new prime minister has a heavy agenda ahead of him — at least that is what the people of PNG expect of him.
    Whatever his agenda may be, he should be under no illusion about the problems that are staring this nation in its face right now.
    Papua New Guineans want transport infrastructure fixed as the number one priority. Economic progress and attracting new investment depends largely on this.
    The business community and international investors are awaiting the first words of the new prime minister and his government about his plans to rescue the PNG economy.
    Corruption and law-and-order must also be tackled head-on with impunity. This country is known throughout the world as one of the most dangerous countries to live in. This is not the tag our new government wants to carry through the next five years.
    Corruption must be weeded out of all levels of government — and the public and private sectors. The Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) legislation which reached its second reading during the last Parliament should be re-introduced without delay.
    It is seen as vital because too many high-profile cases of corruption are being exposed to the public eye and then no action is taken against them because the State cannot or does not want to prosecute those implicated.
    This is the last chance to save PNG and the nation is looking to its elected leaders — the National Parliament and the executive Government — to take the lead.

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