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osh -- out of the doldrums and heading north

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    How does the 5 year OSH graph look chartists ........ to me and I'm not a chartist ...it looks like we are well on the way back to $1.00 plus ( the stock was about $2.40 a few years back and on a much lower earnings per share)................and on a fundamental analysis ....more oil,& better profits still should be reported soon .
    the Moran 1 well is experiencing a few technichal problems ...but no big deal ..that happens all the time ....but IF Moran 1 is a flower ..it will mean that the Moran field could be 50 % larger or more than previously assumed .
    Sure the stock has moved up a bit ....but if we see $1.50 down the track ( and I think we will ) 82 cents will look cheap.
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Currently unlisted public company.

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