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    Oil Search is very close to making anouncements, and when she does she will run, traders now accumulating there stocks, good trading in 100,000 blocks. When news comes through she will start to run up. Right now Large parcels to buy and small parcels selling,that says it all.

    Moran 8 almost there, SE Gobe 10 going on line. Contracts in Yemen and Exxon will be making announcement about contracts. I found out what was written in the Oil and Gas report about contracts etc was partially true and from my research I will say its all true. I was told by Oil Search that negotiations between themselves and other companies and compaines that have approached Oil Search are on going and they are remaining silent because of what is and has been agreed could be leaked out to a third party and this could undermine there position.

    Everything is very close to being announced and on Monday PNG open there Parliament and elect a leader, so I feel that all the manipulation that has been done on this stock and the excuses that are being used to sell the stock will run out. I found this on Share Analysis and I wonder what there thoughts would of been had they done proper research and looked into the ongoing negotiations for PNG gas.

    PNG Gas Project The PNG Gas project looks unlikely to proceed, after the consortium failed to win the supply contract for the Townsville power station. Although the project is still a possibility, it is difficult to see how PNG gas can be competitive in Gladstone or Brisbane, when it failed to win a contract in Townsville. If the project can be resurrected somehow, it will be very positive for OSH, but we think a de-rating is still to occur.

    Very positive, one anouncement and everything will change. I feel that time is up and after Monday everything will change.


    Once again this is from my research and my thoughts, so do your own if your looking to buy.
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