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    Oil Search is having a rough ride and there is much specualtion about this stock. Broker oppinions are mixed and there are some that have given a strong sell not because of the Townsville project but because of the Elections in PNG, which start on 15 June and go through to the 29 June. Share analysis give a valuation on this stock at 72 cents which to me is way undervalued.

    Oil Search is an up and coming company, with the PNG pipeline in the making and dont forget Exonmobile are the operators of this project. ACIL Consulting have prepared a report on the pipeline and gives so many advantages to such a project and how it benifits so many, AGL have signed an agreement for the purchase of gas, yes subject to deadlines and as stated there are alternatives to where the pipeling can run.

    At the current price Oil Search is a buying opportunity and there are some that have bought loads of the stock, I hold Oil Search and wish I could buy bucket loads more, check the reports, go to the Exonmobile website, do your research and you will see why I am staying with this company. Yes its going to be a very rocky road but the rewards are there, Oil Search can be contacted and are always there to discuss any matters.

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Currently unlisted public company.

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