osama bin laden captured in pakistan

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    Osama bin Laden captured in Pakistan - BBC monitoring Iran radio UPDATE

    (Updating with earlier report from Pakistan Tribune)

    LONDON (AFX) - Osama bin Laden has been captured in Pakistan, according to a report picked up from Iranian radio by the BBC's global monitoring service.

    No further details were currently available.

    Earlier, the Pakistan Tribune reported allied forces had initiated a "massive" operation in the southern Afghan region of Paktia -- which borders Pakistan -- as part of the hunt for Al-Qaeda.

    In a report on its website, the newspaper cited eyewitnesses as saying allied forces had begun searching houses and other places without notice.

    A complete restriction was also been imposed on display of weapons in the region and "every car" was also being stopped during patrolling for checking Al-Qaeda network, it reported.

    There is, however, currently no indication of any link between these two reports.

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