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OS growth the key

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    Sorry everyone I have been on the road all day getting updates from my mates on the results. Frustrating.

    The MKB comparison is a classic example of how a company with one tenth the prospects of MBE can be valued at $100 mil just like MNW was.

    A very impressive and confident report IMO which highlights how they have deliberately invested in infastructure and key staff to get MBE ready for the massive OS markets that is scaleable from Sydney for little cost. Those who know basic accounting will realise that the fixed costs become less as you grow your turnover which is heading north big time at $30 mil plus which is huge. $14 mil too was a cracker as I thought Thorpey was under promising at "over $12 mil".

    The fact they revealed revenue from the UK was brilliant as I was expecting this in May/June. With this 83 million headset market 4-5 times greater than Aust/NZ with the same "easy" integration, then can you imagine the earnings upgrades which will come with high 40% plus margins and driven from Sydney. The rolout into other Singtel regions would be nice?

    I guess the profit has disappointed many with the extra costs with many short sighted and loose hands selling their beloved parcel. A few mates of mine were loading up nicely at 15.5c as they truly believe in the stock and the EPS growth which will be coming in the next FY, not that far away.

    Although it is a little deflating with the SP, the faithful should realise the team at MBE are working their arses off IMO to lay the platform for a highly profitable and scaleable business which will deliver outstanding dividends and/or SP appreciation in the next 6-12 months.

    OS growth will be the key to this coupled with further products, advertising and Aussie's loving their games.

    Ados, where's your appraisal on the report please?
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