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Orp's Dilution

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    Well fellow investors, let's thank orp's directors for the dilution. It looks as though they are gathering monies to cover their wages for the next couple of years (more holidays). Thanks for nothing. Maybe I should be depositing my wage directly to their bank account.
    They're quick to annouce money in their pockets but ever so slow regarding any working permits in block D7. Where is this permit, any permit, even a piece of toilet paper saying IOU.

    I was 1 of 211 investors who only four months ago purchased my 120000 SPP shares at 2.5 cents which is 20% more than the big wig Ganesh International. Why do they get so many shares at 20% discount in comparision to the long suffering investors ?

    Obviously orp's knew that they were going to get Ganesh International support and they lied to us with a so called generous SPP price when in actual fact we were paying a premium. If you look at previous posts on stockhouse you will note that orp's shares increased by 45% before the SPP record date on low volume. It is easy to say that orp's were buying their own shares to raise the expectations and create a false price. Again it is the long suffering shareholders who are taking it in the shooter.

    As mentioned in my previous post Bharat should not be the only one in jail.
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