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    Of the five Oropa directors, only 1 - Mr Collins has a significant shareholding and has undertaken any significant recent buying on market.

    The others have not bought on market to ANY material degree in recent years.

    Mr Christie and Mr Hurley have been directors since 1992, yet own virtually no shares. Mr Murchison has been a director since 1999 and Mr Tomich since 2003. Mr Tomich owns virtually no shares whilst Mr Murchinson has a small holding only (source Oropa annual report).

    If those directors have not bought a significant position over that time (or in recent weeks), it is not reasonable to assume they will suddenly start buying up now.

    In late 1992 when Mr Christie and Mr Hurley first joined the board, Oropa was trading at 25 cents+ per share. Today it is at 2 cents per share. 16 years is a long time and provides fair opportunity to deliver results.

    Oropa does have a very attractive (and likely valuable) asset in Pungkut, but it also has a board that has not delivered share price performance over the long term.

    The lack of directors shareholdings (bar 1) in the company tells a strong message (I leave you to your own interpretation).

    It will be in interesting to see how shareholders react in the upcoming AGM.

    Anyone willing to express some views about the above facts?

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