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I ever what is old is new and what is new becomes...

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    I ever what is old is new and what is new becomes old and on & on it goes...most of the market is so over valued so it is a matter of time that they visit unloved stocks that are undervalued...ORG is undervalued conservatively by $ has been manipulated down for quite a while like so many stocks have been through over the years before and they eventually come back to a fair market value pricing ratio...
    I have read 9 broker reviews and it has an average pricing for the stock at $6.50 lets say round figure without having a stab at the FY22...So as a trader or investor mid term we are still in the low levels of a sold down more surprised it stopped around the $4.33 wish...I was sure it was a $4 fall in the making...seems the Super fund had other ideas and still may do after todays strong buying...
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$4.41 $4.49 $4.38 $32.34M 7.277M

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$4.49 57383 3
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