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oraline iv : the movie

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    Having been inspired by gsw's fantastic efforts (in validating the preferred supplier status - with that eye-popping photo) and Captain's great follow-up this morning with actually finding the word 'Oraline iv' used in a report of the testing program, I have been searching around for something to flesh it all out a bit.

    I think I have hit the jackpot!

    If there was such a thing as porn for SBN followers, this would have to be it!

    It is a flash movie of a television report on the commencement of the pilot testing program in secondary schools. It is a couple of minutes long and features Oraline very prominently in the second half.

    Great also to see the white coated doctors and the testing vans already for action.

    The movie is at the bottom of an article which is also great to read - as it describes the pilot in great detail - including how to use the Oraline device.

    Best to press the play button on the right hand side.


    Here is the link:
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