optusnet finally admits to a problem

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    OptusNet finally admits to a problem


    OptusNet yesterday belatedly admitted a "hardware problem" had deprived Perth customers of full internet access since late last week.

    The company, which is one of Australia's biggest internet service providers with 1.6 million users, said it was not aware of the glitch until contacted by WestBusiness. However, subscribers claimed they had been seeking answers from OptusNet for at least four days.

    It said Perth customers were expected to be brought back online today, after being denied access to secure sites such as internet banking websites.

    According to an Optus spokeswoman, "the problem has been isolated and full services will be restored today".

    "Due to a hardware problem, a small number of Perth-based customers may have experienced intermittent intermission problems," a statement said.

    Perth small business operator Janet Stead said she called Optus six times to complain about her inability to log into sites that required banking details.

    Optus denied it had a problem and said the issue lay with her computer or system, she said.

    Ms Stead, whose business relies on sending electronic documents over secure websites, said she considered buying a new computer and had her computer professionally overhauled by an IT consultant.

    The consultant also contacted Optus, which admitted that the problem stemmed from its network but said it did not know how long it would take to fix.

    Ms Stead said she was aggrieved at Optus' denial of the problem, saying it severely affected her business.

    "I don't believe they can't figure out there was a problem," she said.



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