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options excercised = $30m cash in june

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    Yubbedub makes a good point on the options . If (when) we find we have drilled a good producer here the share price will be on its way to excercise price . We must keep in mind it's the total resource that VIL are quoting into the possible upside . We would still have a fair way to go in the drilling of further wells to stake a claim to those lofty highs being bandied about . A share price of over 10c by June would be a certainty .
    With a find here and another drill in the making soon VIL could start to make some ambitious plans with 30 million dollars to look forward to . That amount would buy some more prime real estate and drill quite a few holes .

    I'm not quite counting my chickens yet but am becoming increasingly confident that the results to come very soon are going to be positive .
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