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    After the takeover of TD Waterhouse I had to look around for an options broker.
    Gee it was'nt easy, particulary as I generally trade as an option seller. After some dreadful experiences I can recommend Rivkin Broking for option trading

    1.Direct line to option desk normally answered within 5 rings (Not 15 mins like some brokers on recorded musac)

    2.Friendly efficient staff

    3.Cheap rates $38 includes GST per trade.

    4.VERY IMPORTANT is cheap brokerage (internet rates) on assignments. (I was paying with other brokers $300 on two NAB assignments!!)

    5.Email notification of trades and account details

    6.Margin is only the OCH requirement (not OCH+ 50% like some brokers) which is great for written positions

    Kindly note I have NO connection with Rivkin Broking and am only providing imformation that (hopefully) may be use to forum members/option traders.

    Good Trading

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