OPTIONS - Advice Please

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    I have developed an leading Indicator that appears to give good results when applied to Indexes.
    Signals received indicate that the Index will rise or fall on the following day.

    On my data, which starts from mid August 01, the followings results are achieved.
    XJO Index 13 buy signals, with a win:loss ratio of 2:1
    XJP Index 16 buy signals, with a win:loss ratio of 2:1

    I am advised that these are the only tradeable ASX Indexes.
    It appears I have an indicator suited to a short term trading plan.

    My problem at this stage is that I only currently trade FPO’s as I am attempting to gain experience in the market. I think need to undergo some serious education in Option/Futures.

    My questions then.
    1. Are these signals worthwhile and able to be traded? If yes, a brief description would be helpful in regard to question 2.

    2. What path should my education take? Recommended books and courses?

    Any advice to help me on my way would be much appreciated.

    Regards Gerard
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