WCU 0.00% 23.5¢ white canyon uranium limited


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    List of optionholders from website dated 30 Nov 09.


    53,060,604 (57.95%) are held by top 20, mostly North Americans by the looks of names by googling.

    38,496,006 (42.04%) options held by rest.

    If we assume that approx 30% of 38m are held by Aussie investors and say 10% will let options expire at end Jan that means that only 1.1m options (20% unexercised is 2.2m) go to the underwriter CPS securities (Perth based)for sophisticated investors undoubtedly. Thats not much!

    Are the heads being manipulated down to suck up desperate optionholders?
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Currently unlisted public company.

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