option seller gone!

  1. NT
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    The "half million" options offer at 17 cents, reduced a little, now gone!

    A little peculiar?
    I believe so as the size of order and now withdraw is not a "normal" pattern

    However the bottom line?
    Whatever the reason for this "game play" (which it seems) or other reasons for the strange offer at such a high figure I believe the signs are very ppositive.

    Any institution wanting to buy a solid holding now needs to go to 25 cents for the shares - or mop up the usual run of minor selling.
    There is not much to offer in the options at all.

    Like "pony I would like to have transfered more of my holdings to options.
    However also like 'pony am holding a parcel of the ops - which as disclosed have added to recently.


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