PNA 0.00% $1.84 panaust limited


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    Hi Folks

    Looks like PNA may well hit 17.5 cents today.

    With 6 trading days (Feb the 'month before' the pour..will be looking a lot closer) left in January, upcoming drilling results and what I would imagine as a series of announcements to the market prior to the first pour in March, it would seem that PNA may well move from these levels and well into the 20 cent region.

    Of course its all opinion and speculation, however March is getting closer and the share price is still yet to take off...if it does of course!

    This could be yet another opportunity to pick these up with a view to a trade or longer term position.

    My view is that 20 cents + is imminent....with perhaps a little pullback in the meantime.

    At this stage of proceedings, any further declines and I will pick up a few more.

    As always, time will tell.

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