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    Can someone tell me the quickest and simplest way to convert options to shares.
    How long does it take.

    Im just a little frustrated that theres vey little liquidity in the options due to SSNs last 3 months consolidation period.
    Its just a defensive move so I can get quick money when needed, especially if results from Niobrara are not as good as anticipated.
    Im 95% certain we can get at least the 500 to 600 BOD
    based on the fact that CHK continue to drill close and now even into SSNs acreage. and the dead give away the recent road oil spillage . Cover on their cofidentiality blown hahaha.
    But all that said strange things happen in this sector, so i need a back up plan just in case.

    We seem to have consolidated at this level, which bodes well fot the next move up.
    Which i feel is imminent IMO.
    Still want to hold for long term because i think its a great play. and its just about to get really intersting as we kick into a higher gear very soon.
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