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    Interesting trading in IMUOA, buyers willing to pay 1.3c with 12 months to go (Nov 30 2020) and an exercise price of 2.6c.
    if IMU heads reach 3.9c they're in the money with no benefit whilst those buying IMU heads at 2.6c will have a tidy 50% profit.
    If heads get to 7.8c by Nov 30 2020 oppy buyer who converts has 150% profit but heads buyer has 200% profit.
    Even if IMU hits 10.4c by Nov 30 2020 the heads buyer is 300% up whilst the oppy buyer who has now outlayed 3.9c is still lagging with 250% profit .

    Now that's optimistic because the time buyers are paying a premium for is ticking away and as it does that 1.3c premium will start to disappear.

    IMUOB currently at 1.2c with 24 months (30 Nov 2021 ) to go and a 4c exercise price is still attractive to me but I feel why take the risk when heads are so cheap and time is not a factor, I believe IMU will get something if not multiple things over the line but I'm not confident re: timelines.

    Added disclosure I have traded both oppies but no longer hold or trade either, I still hold and trade heads.

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