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****oppies are the go*****

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    Ive just finished my selling/ has only taken 7 days to sell my SLT and buy SLTOA /SLTO (ONLY being scarcastic if you didn't catch on.......good luck picking up much more of the oppies at these levels IMO, all drying up as we speak)

    I believe thats where the better gain over the next month or 2 will be.

    I just picked up that little parcel of SLTOs just 2 mins ago.....I think the market are scared the way some directors have been selling these.......You dont think they did this so as to intimidate buyers as to ask the question "If the directors are selling these 80c expiring oppies, what chance is there that the SP will reach $1..........I know a few of you here are thinking that....

    When the SP just goes straight by $1, my portfolio will increase by $18k per 7.5c increases.

    looks like we will just have to wait to see if SLT has the legs to reach $1 and beyond..........thats a hard one


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