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opioids - saturation limits the commercial pot

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    This is a precis version of a report that is available from a Private Analyst Company for $15,000, which i am not about to spend, but its interesting

    If these bumblers can get this right the market will be huge, they should have finished dosing of the Company's Phase 1B clinical trial, And would now have the data of the two transdermal patch candidates, the matrix and reservoir systems, so given that playez spoke to Rosens the other day and has had a Triple Bypass since, i am wondering if the data for the 1B trials looks good, am i stretching a bow too far?

    The interesting thing i was also just given is that there is specualtion the market for oxcodine may shrink for the drug companys as the anti abuse frachises is rolled out (this would also include POH)

    So if they have an Asian deal coming and followed by a US deal, they have potentially big anns coming, which is good as it should get us back to where we were mid year around 0.17 -0.18, i understand BBY have a buy on the stock and 0.17c as a target

    If we could get some good people on the board we may see a party up here yet, my bet is by the AGM it will have tripled again from 0.06 that is, and then we will have Proffessor Bumbler wheeled out again to say "trust me POHsters you will be rewarded very soon


    The opioids market is set to grow from $9.6 billion in 2008 to $11.9 billion in 2018 across the seven major markets.

    However, the number and diversity of products in late-stage development will limit the commercial potential of individual brands simply due to saturation and price competition in each opioids market.

    This report gives a strategic analysis of the likely impact that recent events will have on the future opioids market

    Includes forecasts for the key brands, generics, and pipeline agents in the seven major markets to 2018

    Provides a global opioids market snapshot, and analysis of growth trends in key markets outside of the seven major pharmaceutical markets

    Conclusions are supported by key opinion leader comment

    Purdue/Mundipharma/Napp Pharmaceutical's OxyContin (oxycodone controlled-release) is forecast to regain the prescriptions lost to generics following re-establishment of market exclusivity in the US. Sales peak at around $3 billion in 2009 across the seven major markets.

    King Pharmaceutical's anti-abuse opioid franchise looks set to reach blockbuster levels over the forecast period. With combined sales of Remoxy (oxycodone controlled-release), Embeda (morphine extended-release and naltrexone) and the immediate-release opioid Acurox (oxycodone and niacin) forecast to generate around $1 billion per annum by 2018.

    Reinvigoration of the short- and rapid-acting opioids market following approval of Fentora for non-cancer pain in the US, and the entry of regional specialist companies in the 5EU, will expand the market beyond that achieved by Cephalon to date.

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