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    I pulled this off a website and thought it may prompt some discussion. So, am interested to hear peoples opinions on the points made.


    "The following are the Author's own views on the future of UCG

    1.As the UCG process becomes better developed, UCG has a very good chance of succeeding as the modern method of exploiting and winning the energy stored in the massive coal resources of the world.

    2.In-seam will only become more attractive for UCG if the currently high costs of specialist drilling can be substantially reduced. This has to be addressed as a priority.

    3.Environmental considerations will pre-dominate in any future development of UCG, eventually, even those located away from populated areas.

    4.Onshore UCG in populated areas, like the UK and other parts of Europe, will be permitted only at considerable depth, where the possibility of endangering aquifers and the leakage of gas can be virtually eliminated.

    5.The combination of UCG and CO2 sequestration offers an interesting possibility for the sustainable consumption of coal resources, particularly those beyond mineable depth. Further research is required.

    6.It is unlikely that a single coal producing country has the resources or incentive to fully develop UCG. International collaboration is the only realistic means of developing a major commercial UCG industry."

    I personally like the approach that Cougar is taking in regards to point 6.....from cougars pakistan ann.

    "Both Cougar Energy Ltd and Cougar UK will continue to seek out further opportunities for developing significant projects using the UCG process as part of their strategy of creating a significant long-term international business."

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