opes hwat should have happened

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    In my opinion what should have happened is this:

    Anz/Merril should have frozen all stocks, and offered all 1200 investors the opportunity to pay back their loans, and redeem the shares.
    SO those that were caught short end up paying.

    They proabably looked at this simple solution and thought the 5 or 6 investors that caused all this, have so many havens to hide their money, they would not cough up, or pay up if legal action took place, so anz/merrril would have lost out.
    they took the road that was legally open to them and in thier eyes the easy way out to be sure of the funds.

    You and I would do the same if we had lent our money. i dont think any of us would take any further risks , if a guaranteed return of money was possible

    my rambling thoughts
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