opes gave murphy a maserati

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    As former underworld identity Mick Gatto flew to Singapore to recover $1 billion worth of assets he believes is hidden inside collapsed stockbroker Opes Prime, famed lawyer Chris Murphy revealed he received a $250,000 Maserati as a gift from Opes, reports The Australian.

    Mr Murphy, who lost more than $100 million when the Melbourne-based stockbroker fell over, admitted he still owned the Maserati.

    "When I was a successful trader I picked the shares and Opes financed them. I was given the Maserati," Mr Murphy told The Australian. "The first time I drove it I hit the gutter. I went to Bob Jane T-Mart to get the wheel replaced and they said $6000. So I still drive my Corolla."

    The revelation comes as administrator, Ferrier Hodgson, earlier told investors they would receive as little as 30 cents in the dollar from their investments.

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