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    Have been aboard since late last year,initially at 5c then 4c latest 2c,not complaining....Product, Market potential whether Mexico, Russia , China, US, all good... Very much endorsed by the incredible research aired by you guys..

    Only angst is whether the Human Resource driving the beast is up to the task. It seems a bit of up heavel of late in Top Management. Understandbly neccessary with US becoming the HQ of the newly badged Sun Biomed identity.

    Have googled Jack Kerins it seems he has some track record in High Tech Ipos, only observation quite a few gigs in an array of Product Market areas, possibly reflecting more the American Corperate Mantra.

    On the local scene somewhat sudden departure of Brian Andrews and the sudden emergence of Jim Hallam.

    Anyhow it should be noted with MF we have a great captain and that hopefully before too long the real conversions start to begin.

    Best of fortune to all involved

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