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Onwards to Thon, page-2

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    Onward towards Thon......What a quick journey this is going to be ... 2 + weeks, that's all.
    Here we are in a whole new Block (6).
    Blocks 7 & 8 are the real winners (on seismic) . Buy before the seismic 3D is announced. "The closer to Morocco..the better it gets" ....hot gossip from the seismic ship.
    But, with Thon we are going back to the Cretaceous period material.
    Where is Blackgold?? (Mother and sister carpet cleaning stuff)
    A new age of West African Oil Discovery.
    Remember Coubine 1A? Blackgold?
    You alerted this forum that this strata might not have oil.
    It was drill targeted in this age zone...

    Chinguetti has proved the $$ potential of the seismic for the Tertiary age rocks....and....if Thon hits some commercial quantity for its new geological part of this new age oil province...then

    oh what's the point???
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