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i was just browsing around and found this.........Posted on...

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    i was just browsing around and found this.........

    Posted on Friday, August 10, 2007 at 01:22PM by Registered CommenterATP Innovations Pty Ltd in Technology, Electronics, Innovation | CommentsPost a Comment | EmailEmail | PrintPrint
    ITL Product Release: Funhaler

    ITL Design and Manufacturing has just signed a 3 year manufacturing agreement with Visiomed to produce their 'Funhaler' a paediatric small volume spacer that makes it easier for young children to take their aerosol-based medication.

    ITL was commissioned by Visiomed to help commercialise their existing intellectual property and redesign their current 'Funhaler' for high quantity manufacturing through ITL's Malaysian based manufacturing facilities. All components for the 'Funhaler' were redesigned and prototyped in-house by ITL Design & Manufacturing prior to tool making, manufacturing trials, and manufacturing being carried out by ITL Asia Pacific under the supervision of ITL Design and Manufacturing.

    ITL Design & Manufacturing is a professional design & manufacturing company that specialises in commercialising innovative ideas and intellectual property. We work with client companies and entrepreneurs translating marketing and business objectives into market leading products.

    Contact: Steve Mayall or Craig Wilson
    Phone: +61 2 8394 4800
    Email: [email protected]

    Posted on Thursday, August 9, 2007 at 02:50PM by Registered CommenterATP Innovations Pty Ltd in Commercialisation | CommentsPost a Comment | References1 Reference | EmailEmail | PrintPrint
    In Profile: The Advanced Manufacturing Centre

    The Advanced Manufacturing Centre Limited (AMC) is a national one-stop-shop for Australian manufacturing enterprises, from a wide range of industries, locations and sizes, seeking to acquire, implement or manage new technology and management processes essential for achieving international competitiveness, increased export sales and greater import replacement.

    The AMC's team of experienced professional consultants provide specialist solutions for manufacturers to decrease costs and improve performance. The AMC maintains strict confidentiality when working with individual clients to address company specific issues or initiatives. Client services have included Quick Changeover improvements, Total Quality Management education, development of university accredited Quality Assurance courses, lean manufacturing sessions, machine effectiveness and plant layout studies, process simulations and the implementation of new systems and automations.

    The AMC is a not-for-Profit organisation and its unique relationships with the Universities, Industry and Government provides an independent centre of operation and dissemination. “It is recognised as a technology diffusion centre where industry sectors can be found working with collectively to generate great company and sector wide benefits,” stated Dr Farhad Shafaghi, Executive Director of the AMC and visiting professor at the School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, University of New South Wales. Members of the AMC's Food Industry Group include Nestle`, Arnotts, Sara Lee, Dairy Farmers, Kellogg Australia and Massel. Our Pharmshare project group includes Merck Sharp Dohme, Pfizer, Glaxo Smith Kline and Astra Zeneca. Other industry sectors the AMC administers focus groups in are the Chemicals,
    Metals and Electroplating industries.

    The AMC provides an active forum for sector wide information sharing and problem solving on generic or non-competitive issues. “These companies meet regularly with the AMC as facilitators, to work towards common project goals and outcomes. Projects are federally, state and / or industry funded and suit the needs of the particular manufacturing sector rather than the individual needs of a given manufacturer alone,” Dr Shafaghi said.

    The AMC has also worked with regional manufacturers in South West Sydney, Central West / Dubbo / Orana New South Wales, the Hunter, Tasmania and Maryborough, as part of the federally funded Manufacturing Innovation Technology Access (MITA) scheme to assist regional Small to Medium Enterprises and large manufacturers in accessing and sharing innovative technologies that would assist their manufacturing processes, examples included logistics improvements, spare part sharing (region-wide), waste minimization process technologies and product development projects. In working to bridge the severe trade deficit gap in the manufacturing sector the AMC has developed a unique educational model to teach select trades in up to forty schools in the Central West Region of NSW. This model has been supported by TAFE NSW, state-wide universities, regional bodies, councils and boards and the government.

    The AMC is keen to hear from and work with anyone serious about making a positive contribution to Australia's Manufacturing Industry.

    Contact the AMC
    Phone: +61 2 9209 4209
    Website: www.amc.atp.com
    Posted on Thursday, August 9, 2007 at 02:50PM by Registered CommenterATP Innovations Pty Ltd | CommentsPost a Comment | EmailEmail | PrintPrint
    Biosignal initiates product registration - Products for oil & gas and water cooling towers targeted

    Biosignal will implement a new strategy to accelerate product registrations for its anti-biofilm compounds. Biosignal has screened over 500 analogues from its compound library to select three for further development based on demanding activity, scalability and safety requirements.
    In his new role as interim CEO, Prof Peter Steinberg will start the registration process for Biosignal’s lead compounds in key international markets. The registrations are a precursor to eventual sales of products preventing bacterial contamination of oil and gas infrastructure and water cooling towers. There has been strong interest expressed by potential customers for each of these product applications.

    for the full stories please visit the biosignal website www.biosignal.com.au or contact 9209 4126.
    Posted on Thursday, August 9, 2007 at 02:50PM by Registered CommenterATP Innovations Pty Ltd in Biotechnology | CommentsPost a Comment | EmailEmail | PrintPrint
    Biosignal oil & gas anti-bacterial to be tested in oil field conditions -Supported by oil industry and conducted by respected oilfield service specialist

    Biosignal Limited has commissioned Commercial Microbiology Limited in Aberdeen Scotland to assess and develop its lead compounds in reducing microbial contamination in oilfield pipelines and associated infrastructure. Commercial Microbiology is highly respected in the oil industry for providing specialist microbiological services for onshore and offshore operations.
    Oil and gas exploration and production company, Santos is providing additional financial support for Biosignal’s product development activities. Support will also be provided by BHP Billiton under existing arrangements. Biosignal announced in May that testing by Monash University had shown that the company’s compounds can remove bacterial biofilms more effectively than existing biocides THPS and glutaraldehyde. The study was based on Desulfovibrio desulfuricans which is a major problem organism for the oil industry.

    For the full story please visit the biosignal website www.biosignal.com.au or contact 9209 4126.
    Posted on Thursday, August 9, 2007 at 02:50PM by Registered CommenterATP Innovations Pty Ltd in Biotechnology | CommentsPost a Comment | References1 Reference | EmailEmail | PrintPrint
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